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Karen Downing throws porcelain pots for everyday use: pots to be filled up, held, drunk out of and eaten from. The essence of her work is in its potential for use. The intention is that these pots not only fulfill their functions, but also transform what are often unconsidered moments into cherished ones: to make the ordinary tasks special and to bring beauty and pleasure to the everyday, even to the washing up.

Karen's work has been exhibited widely in the UK, as well as in Europe, Japan and the USA. It can be found in many private collections and is represented in the Crafts Council's collection. She has been a member of the Craft Potters Association since 1995.

Karen Downing lives and works in The Brecklands of west Norfolk.

Her hand thrown white porcelain is available directly from the studio, as well as from venues and stockists listed on the News page.

Studio shelves
Breakfast tray
Daily Ware 2
Karen Downing
Ceramics studio
Karen Downing throwing by Ben Boswell

Links to the CPA website and Crafts Council Directory are below.

photo credit: Ben Boswell (image of hands)

Karen Downing 

hand thrown porcelain tableware

Norfolk UK

Contemporary hand thrown porcelain  Norfolk, UK

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